How to use the No Microsoft Excel function

The Step function in Microsoft Excel is a built-in logic function, and its purpose is to reverse the logic of its argument. It ensures that one value is not equal to another. When given TRUE, NOT returns FALSE. When not given FALSE, NOT returns TRUE. Logical values ​​are used in spreadsheets to test whether the situation is TRUE or False.

How to create a NOT formula in Excel?

The formula for the NOT function is =Not(logical).

The syntax below for the NOT function is below:

Logical : A logical value or expression that can evaluate to TRUE or False.

How to use the Not Excel function

Follow the steps below to use the Excel NOT function:

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel
  2. Create a table or use an existing table from your files
  3. Place the formula in the cell whose result you want to see
  4. Press the Enter key to see the result.

Launch Microsoft Excel .

Create a table or use an existing table from your files.

Type the formula in the cell where you want to place the result =PAS(A2=”Sherwin-Williams”).

Then press the Enter key to see the result.

The result would be the opposite, i.e. FALSE .

If placed in cell =NOT(A2=”Clear”) . The NOT function will return the result as TRUE .

In Microsoft Excel, not only can you use the NOT function alone, but you can also use it with conjunctions such as IF, OR, and AND.

If you type in the cell =NOT(OR(A3=”Benjamin Moore”, A3=”Clare”)) the result will be FALSE .

If you choose to type =NOT(OR(A2=”Benjamin Moore”, A3=”Clare”)) the result would be TRUE .

There are two other methods to use the NOT function

The first method is to click the Effect button at the top left of the Excel worksheet.

An Insert Function dialog box will appear.

In the section dialog box, Choose a category select Logic from the list box.

In the Select a function section choose the NOT function from the list.

Then click OK.

Function Arguments dialog box will open .

In the Logic input box, type in input box cell A2 = "Sherwin-Williams".

Then click OK.

The second method is to click the Formulas tab, click the Logic tab button in the Function Library group.

Then select DON'T from the drop-down menu.

Function Arguments dialog box will open.

We hope this tutorial helps you understand how to use the NOT function in Microsoft Excel. If you have any questions about the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

How do you write not in Excel?

In Microsoft Excel, <> means Not Equal. The <> operator in Excel checks if two values ​​are not equal to each other.