Here is a guide on how to Zoom in and out while recording video on your iPhone .

As the iPhone's video capabilities have advanced over the years, Apple has incorporated different tools to help users record the best footage possible in their lives. One of the best upgrades to the video camera on the iPhone is the Zoom feature. One of the best upgrades to the video camera on the iPhone is the Zoom feature. The zoom is a One of the best upgrades to the video camera on the iPhone is the Zoom feature. The zoom is one of the worth using the iPhone camera.

How to Zoom While Recording Videos on iPhone

Here are the steps on how to zoom while recording videos with your device.

Zoom during video recording

Open your Camera app on your iPhone and get ready to shoot a video. When using the Zoom feature, you'll want to have a few fingers handy to perform the gesture to zoom. There are several different positions you can adopt depending on how you are recording the video, either portrait or landscape mode.

Pinch to zoom while recording

The essential zoom gesture is a finger pinch like you would zoom in on a document or photo . You should see your video zoom in now and a slider appear on screen. The slider is an alternate way to keep zooming in or out and can be tapped and dragged while it's on screen.

When zooming in with your camera, keep in mind that quality will degrade and there will be a zoom limit depending on the iPhone you are using. This feature, however, is perfect for zooming in on a dance recital, wedding ceremony, or any other event where you're a distance away from your subject.


Another cool tip to share is that in the iOS Photos app, you can pinch to zoom in on videos in your Camera Roll . If you have a video that you zoomed in on while filming, you can play it and then pinch to zoom in on the video that's playing. It's a hidden feature that can definitely come in handy to further improve your eyesight. Again, this will degrade in quality when you enlarge an already enlarged image.


Zoom is a valuable asset to the iOS camera and can be used in all modes excluding panning . You can often get a sharper depth of field when you zoom in slightly, using the zoom carefully can definitely benefit the creation of a great photo or video.