In a recent appearance, Brock Lesnar told the New York Post that the brothers are "awesome for YouTube" and he can't wait to see where they go next. Jake Paul acknowledged this and took to Twitter to respond.

Brock Lesnar praises the Paul brothers

Brock Lesnar praises the Paul Brother
Brock Lesnar praises the Paul Brother

Defending WWE Champion Brock Lesnar has spoken about his opinion on Jake and Logan Paul. Brock told the New York Post , "Perfect for YouTube. I'm happy for these guys. They worked on something, they built their name. They thought outside the box, they promoted themselves. The Beast also shared his thoughts on the YouTube phenom's possibility of becoming a WWE Superstar. “Will he be able to make a living as a professional wrestler? Maybe if he puts the same effort into it. Brock finished.

Jake Paul acknowledged Brock's comments

Jacques Paul responds
Jacques Paul responds

Jake Paul was pleased with The Beast's statements, and after seeing what Lesnar had to say, he chimed in on social media. Jacques tweeted: "Wow Brock Lesnar, supporting my brother and me, it's crazy, we loved him and watched him grow all the time," he said before giving some advice to fans. “Go chase your dreams today. »

Brock Lesnar joined a long list of illustrious athletes in praising Logan and Jake Paul. Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua and Manny Pacquiao are among them. It's highly unlikely that we'll see Brock and Jake in the same ring one day, but as history has witnessed, we can't rule out the possibilities. But for now, Brock Lesnar is ready to go to the main event of Wrestlemania 38 in a championship unification match and Logan Paul has been tagged with The Miz to take on Dominik and Rey Mysterio and the biggest stage of them all. .

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