On the OJT Certificate - word format

Sample OJT Certificate - word

Do you need help improving your company's current on-the-job training (OJT) to promote or retrain your employees?

The ITE Certified On-the-Job Training Center (COJTC) is certified in Structured OJT and Good OJT Practice.

Partner ITE in the Certified On-the-Job Training Center (COJTC) program. We can work hand in hand with your organization on this exciting journey to develop your OJT work plan, build your team of in-house trainers and improve the quality of your OJT structure today!

How can ITE support companies?

ITE's consulting services to achieve a structured and high-quality OJT system
Review and recommend best practices for developing and managing training systems
Provide training needs analysis to identify skills gaps
A guide on how to develop an OJT blueprint
Train-the-trainer programs for in-house trainers, educators and program developers
A certificate with the COJTC stamp of approval is provided to employees who complete the training

Another job certificate example :

This is to certify that _________________ has successfully completed 480 hours of SEO on-the-job training including article marketing, Web 2.0 blogging, social bookmarking, social media marketing, directory and business profile creation, document sharing and presentations, and reporting including November 21, 2013 Google Analytics, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster, WordPress content updates, keyword research and on-page optimization for SESCO Online Marketing Company from 14 March 2014 to 14 March 2014.

He has shown extraordinary interest, knowledge and dedication to being an effective online marketer. The company is proud of his service.