Shottr is the ultimate screenshot app for macOS users; Here's why!

If you're a blogger, writer, or tech journalist like us here at Beebom, I'm sure you know the importance of quality screenshots in your life. While taking a screenshot on Windows or Mac computers is as easy as pressing a few keys simultaneously, the default screenshot tools on these platforms often offer very limited functionality. Therefore, many of us use third-party screenshot tools to achieve additional functionality such as scrolling screenshots, markup, or text recognition. While there are plenty of options, macOS has a new alternative in the form of Shottr, which offers a variety of features for taking screenshots.

Shottr – The ultimate screenshot tool for macOS

First and foremost, Shottr is a compact and fast screenshot tool for macOS which has been optimized for Apple's M1 chipsets to provide a fast and easy screenshot experience for users. It only takes around 17ms to capture a screenshot and around 165ms to display the results . For reference, the moment the default macOS screenshot tool preview box appears on the screen, you will be able to save a Shottr screenshot to your desktop.

Moreover, Shottr comes with many useful features for designers, UI developers, and pixel professionals. You can take screenshots with auto-scroll, recognize texts, remove objects and texts , and annotate screenshots with signs and symbols. The tool can also be used as a screen ruler to measure the distance in pixels between two objects. Moreover, it also offers precise quick zoom capabilities and allows users to make pixel-perfect adjustments.

  • Shottr is the ultimate screenshot app for macOS users;  Here's why!
  • Shottr is the ultimate screenshot app for macOS users;  Here's why!

Shottr's creator, Max K, describes his screenshot tool as "a small, human-sized screenshot app designed for those who care about pixels. Max developed the app using Swift. And one of the main strengths of Shottr is that it is completely free to use . There are no one-time payments or subscription plans at this time, which makes Shottr an ultimate screenshot tool for Mac users.

The app comes as a 1.5MB package and is available for download from its official website . Check out the official video below to watch Shottr in action. Also, if you end up using Shottr on your Mac, be sure to let us know your experience in the comments below.