'Thank you for being who you are': Hurt superstar's heartfelt message for Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is one of WWE's biggest roster superstars today. His dream run started a long time ago at the 2020 Royal Rumble – the Scottish Warrior ended up winning the match. He capitalized on Royal Rumble winning by winning the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 36.

McIntyre was the champion for most of 2020, before eventually losing the title to The Miz. The next champion was Bobby Lashley – against whom Drew McIntyre tried his best to regain the title but failed at every opportunity. When Big E managed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, Drew McIntyre returned to the championship scene.

Big E has had one of the best WWE Championship runs over the past two years. Fans loved him in this role. Unfortunately, the New Day member's first reign as WWE Champion came to an abrupt end on Day 1. Since then, he had returned to the Tag Team division. But on the last episode of Smackdown, a horrific misfire led to Big E breaking his neck.

Wishes and prayers poured in from all corners for the well-being of the former WWE Champion. Two-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre visited Big E in the hospital after Smackdown and provided an update on Big E. "I spent time with Big E in the hospital the night last and even in this situation, you couldn't take the smile off his face. It is truly remarkable. I love you brother, I can't wait to hear the reaction when you come back” – tweeted the Scottish Warrior.

Big E noticed the tweet and responded with a heartfelt message. “It meant a ton to me. Thank you for being who you are, my friend.

Big E and Drew McIntyre had collided at Crown Jewel

drew mcintyre
McIntyre and E.

There was a time when Big E and Drew McIntyre were two of the biggest babyfaces on the WWE roster. This was back when E was the WWE Champion. While Bobby Lashley was the champion, McIntyre was barred from pursuing the title - after a series of failed attempts. So when Big E became the champion, McIntyre got his chance.

The two superstars collided during a WWE Championship match at Crown Jewel. It was one of the best matches of the night with Big E managing to retain the title. Since then, McIntyre moved on to a feud against Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss, while E ended up losing the title to Brock Lesnar.