Why getting tested for COVID is important

According to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, weekly cases of COVID-19 are at the lowest level health officials have seen in four months. The World Health Organization has also found that cases worldwide have fallen by 12%.

Despite the decrease in cases, it is still crucial to get tested for COVID-19. This guide will explain some of the most important reasons. Keep reading to learn more.

It can save your life

One of the most important reasons to get tested for COVID is that the test saves lives. Even if you don't feel sick, regular tests will determine if you are in the early stages of the infection when you have no symptoms.

When detected early, the infection can be treated immediately, reducing the risk of suffering more severe symptoms and preventing death. Early detection will also let you know that you need to self-isolate to avoid spreading the disease to vulnerable people. This will prevent disease and death in the whole community.

It can determine immunity

The tests are important because they can also help determine immunity. Some people are infected and fight the COVID-19 virus without ever experiencing symptoms. You may not have known you had the virus.

This is where the importance of antibody testing comes in. Antibodies form after your immune system fights back against a foreign virus like COVID-19.

Determining whether you are immune to the virus will help health officials better understand herd immunity. This is essential to protect communities of people.

Tests can find variations

Getting tested for COVID is also important to help public health officials find the multiple variants of the viruses that are popping up across the country.

Most of the tests in circulation can detect different variants of the COVID-19 virus. Tracking the spread of multiple variants will help medical officials study available treatments to find what works best.

It can measure progress

Testing is the best way to measure improvement in public health. Through constant testing, health officials can determine which parts of the country are most affected.

Testing is also the best way to determine if vaccination is really bringing down the number of new cases. Screening for COVID-19 will help officials determine how to set guidelines and when changes are needed.

Decreasing cases will determine whether mask mandates and social distancing guidelines can be relaxed.

Testing is easier than ever

At the start of the pandemic, testing sites and available tests were scarce, but getting tested is easier than ever. You can request a home covid test and receive your results the same day.

Get tested for COVID-19

There are many important reasons to get tested for COVID-19. It can save lives and help determine herd immunity. You can even take the test from the comfort of your own home.

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