Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games and How They Work

Thanks to Microsoft's Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program, upgrading from an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One is a bit easier compared to other gaming platforms. You can actually play Call of Duty Black Ops 2 on Xbox One.


While Sony charges for access to older titles through the PS4, Xbox One lets you take your favorite games with you when you upgrade. Even if you're playing an Xbox 360 game on your new console, you'll still get many of the game's features, along with the ability to save gameplay and more.

Xbox Black Ops 3 releaseHere's what you need to know about the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program and a list of all the games that currently work with the program.

How Xbox One Backward Compatibility Works

As described by Microsoft at E3 2015, the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program is almost magical in its simplicity. The program revolves around Microsoft and its publisher partners working on their Xbox 360 games catalog to add support for Xbox One. Video game developers don't have to rewrite their game. Instead, Microsoft emulates the Xbox 360 inside the Xbox One.

Xbox at E3As far as the game is aware, it still works on the Xbox 360. You have access to the same multiplayer modes that you did with the Xbox 360 version of the game. The familiar Xbox Guide to Xbox 360 also appears in every game. Cloud saves are imported to Xbox One, provided users still have them. This means you can pick up right where you left off on tracks you haven't touched in ages.

In addition to offering the online features of Live, games in the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program carry over some features specific to Xbox One games. Users can record videos and take screenshots of their Xbox 360 games.

Additionally, Xbox 360 games show achievements in the activity feed when unlocked. Switching between two digital Xbox 360 games doesn't require you to switch discs, although switching between physical Xbox 360 games does.

Xbox One backwards compatibility is free

xbox 360 gamesThe key to making the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program relevant is ease of use. Microsoft can say it supports backwards compatibility as much as it wants, but if it's too hard to get started, no one will use it.

Digital Xbox 360 games you've purchased appear in the My Games & Apps menu on Xbox One when they become available. They are easily identifiable as they have their original cover complete with an Xbox 360 logo on the side. Download them to your console and you're good to go. Since Xbox 360 titles had smaller file sizes, the download should go quickly.

You can also purchase compatible Xbox 360 games from the Xbox Store, with new titles appearing as they become available.

For owners of Xbox 360 games on disc, there's only a little more work required for Xbox One backwards compatibility. Simply inserting your Xbox 360 game disc into your Xbox One unlocks a compatible version for Xbox One. The same stipulations apply, not just any game will work; it must be one of the supported titles. The game will install an associated digital version on your Xbox One.

You'll need to hold on to your disc to use this downloaded digital game.

Latest Xbox One Backward Compatibility Additions

For the program to be a success, Microsoft will need to continue adding all types of titles. After a series of low-key additions, the company recently revealed that Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is now available through the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program. The program recently picked up Assassin's Creed Revelations as well.

Titles that support the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program have today

Microsoft launched the Xbox One Backward Compatibility Program with a list of over 100 games. Since then, it has added new titles at a steady pace. Some of them are big brands that you will remember. Others are Arcade and independently developed titles from Xbox 360.

If a game is listed as "Disc Only", those who own a digital copy of the game cannot use that copy to play on their Xbox One.

Xbox 360 games available through Xbox One Backward Compatibility today are:

Microsoft plans to continue adding to this list over time. You can keep checking here for new titles. At first, the company held a series of games, then announced them all once a month. He decided to launch this idea about a month ago, adding new games to the program as soon as they were ready.

Since Microsoft has to work directly with partners to make new titles available, it's complicated to predict what the next titles will be. Microsoft encourages users to show their support by voting to have their favorite games included in the program using the Xbox Feedback website.

Games offered to Xbox 360 users under the Games with Gold program will still come to the Xbox One backward compatibility program, Microsoft says. In recent months, the company has also partnered with publishers to include older games with their new titles. Just Cause 3 included a code for a free download of Just Cause 2. Quantum Break will come with a free copy of Alan Wake .