Your March Action Plan: 10 Easy Ways to Build Your Confidence

Your Action Plan is a monthly to-do list straight from SUCCESS magazine — 10 things you can do right now to improve yourself and your life. This month, find the courage to be confident in any situation, which means standing up for what you believe in, taking risks, and pushing yourself beyond the norm. 1. Talk about it. If you're struggling to put on your best face in an interview, ask a friend to conduct a mock interview. Prepare for all the crazy questions and build your confidence in the process.
Lily:The Introvert's Guide to Getting Hired 2. Think again. The next time someone cuts you off or runs over your bumper during rush hour, give that driver the benefit of the doubt. After all, we never know what might be going on behind the scenes.
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Lily:Travis Kalanick: “You can do what they say or fight for what you believe” 4. Push back. Today, boost your confidence by haggling five times. Ask for a free drink at lunch or ask your cable company for a loyalty discount. Revel in your newfound bravery and commit to trading once a week.
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Lily:John C. Maxwell: How to Be Confident in a Crisis 6. Check your ego. Are you blurring the line between being confident and being arrogant? Take our quiz to find out if you need to take it down a notch.
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