Your next Infinix smartphone might come with a color-changing leather back!

Smartphone makers have been experimenting with color-changing technology for smartphone back panels over the past couple of years. We've seen OnePlus and Vivo introduce their color-changing back panel technology in 2020. In fact, companies like Realme and Vivo already have smartphones with such color-changing backs in the market. This is currently limited to plastic back panels, however. However, Infinix has now come up with a new technology to change the color of a smartphone's leather back panel. Here are the details.

Infinix Announces “Future Light-Painting Leather” Technology

Infinix recently announced a new Future Light-Painting Leather technology that changes the color of its smartphone's leather back panel when exposed to UV or sunlight. We saw the company implement color-changing technology on its 2021 Concept Phone last year. However, the latest technology allows the leather to change color, unlike the Concept Phone's plastic back, and is a reversible process, meaning the leather will return to its original state when the phone is no longer exposed to sunlight. .

The company says it took its engineers more than six months to develop the leather-based color-changing technology. Infinix pointed out that it has embedded "photochromic polymers" into the leather to enable color-changing capabilities . The molecular structures of these photochromic polymers change when exposed to sunlight, hence the color change scenario!

Infinix also states that since the technology works with the help of sunlight, users can also use stencils to create unique and personalized designs on the rear panel . Although these are temporary, of course. The company also claims to have been able to eliminate the process of leather yellowing after prolonged use by adjusting the structure of the leather.

Infinix Light-Painting Leather Technology Stencils

Moreover, as the Future Light-Painting Leather technology is based on UV light, it does not require additional power from the smartphone to work. Therefore, this is a passive feature for smartphones and will not affect battery life.

Infinix has confirmed that color-changing leather technology will make its way to market with its upcoming smartphones. However, he did not reveal any details about the launch schedule for these devices. So, stay tuned for further updates on this. Also, let us know your thoughts on Infinix's new color-changing leather technology in the comments below.