5 things to know about the macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update

Apple has released a new macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update.

Like its more recent predecessors, macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 is a small point release with a small list of changes for Macs still running macOS Big Sur.

With that in mind, we want to walk you through everything you need to know about Apple's macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update and its release for Mac.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the performance of the macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update, the current list of macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 issues, the best places to find macOS Big Sur 11.6 issues feedback. .4, and more.

We'll start with some quick impressions of the performance of the macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update on Mac.

Review of macOS Big Sur 11.6.4

The macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 download size varies depending on your Mac model and the version of macOS it is currently running. Even if your Mac is running macOS Big Sur 11.6.3, macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 requires a fairly large download.

If your Mac is running macOS Big Sur 11.6.3, installation should take less than 15 minutes. It took about 12 minutes on a MacBook Pro (2016).

To learn more about downloading and installing macOS Big Sur 11.6.4, check out our guide.

We've been using the macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update on a MacBook Pro (2016) for several days now and here's what we've learned about its performance so far:

If your Mac is having trouble with macOS Big Sur 11.6.3 or an older version of macOS, and you still want to avoid Apple's macOS Monterey upgrade, you can install macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 on your Mac and see how does it work. .

If you need help deciding, check out our reasons to install and not install the macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update.

macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 issues

The macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update is, unsurprisingly, causing issues for some Mac users.

We hear about installation issues, UI lag, problems with first-party and third-party apps, abnormal battery drain, Wi-Fi issues, freezes, freezes, and crashes.

If you decide to download the macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 update and you're having trouble, here are some resources you might find helpful.

Before contacting Apple Customer Service, check out our fixes for the most common macOS Big Sur issues. We have also published a guide that will show you how to fix macOS Big Sur battery life issues.

If you can't find what you're looking for in our guides, head over to Apple's Discussion Forums . If they can't help you, you should contact Apple Support via Twitter or via the company's website .

If you still can't resolve your problem(s), you can schedule an appointment to see a Genius at your local Apple Store .

macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 Update: What's New

Again, macOS Big Sur 11.6.4 is a small maintenance upgrade. Apple claims the firmware "improves the security of macOS" although it hasn't described these fixes in detail.

You can downgrade from macOS Big Sur 11.6.4

If you're having trouble running macOS Big Sur 11.6.4, you can downgrade your Mac's software to an older version if you think that might help.

There's no time limit for this to expire, so if you decide you need to go back, it's pretty easy to do if you're ready. Here is our downgrade guide and it will help you understand the process and make your choice.

And after

It's unclear when Apple will release a new version of macOS Big Sur.

Apple will likely continue to update the operating system with new security patches throughout the year, so we should see another version rolling out alongside the new macOS Monterey release.

The company won't require you to install macOS Monterey on your Mac, so if you want to stick with macOS Big Sur, you can. That said, if you want the latest features and bug fixes, you'll need to upgrade your Mac to macOS Monterey.