Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A fuel accumulator dumps $1,800 worth of gasoline on the street

If you're thinking of hoarding gasoline or diesel fuel now that the price keeps going up every day, think about what you're doing. And don't try to use plastic trash bags or laundry baskets to hold heavy liquid gold. Like this person in Tecuci, near Romania. The unidentified fuel hoarder used a large plastic container to hold his purchase, only to have it spilled onto the street. All 250 gallons of it.

Panic gas buying shouldn't be like this

The gas crisis is happening all over the world as Russia continues to beat Ukraine. Between Russian fuel shipments halted and countries like the United States banning it completely, as the price goes up and up, consumers are trying to be “creative.” The person in question was obviously not creative enough. That, and the panic buying that invariably comes with gasoline crises like the one we're entering now.

He or she used a flatbed truck with a large plastic container to hold over 250 gallons of diesel fuel. It is, although it is illegal almost everywhere to store fuel this way. Even with the metal frame preventing the plastic from tearing, you can't.

How did this gas leak happen?

Gas spill

A gallon of diesel fuel weighs seven pounds, so that was almost 1,800 pounds of stuff. It's a shame that someone at the gas station didn't explain this before the pumping started. But more on that later.

And this weight moves in each container. That's why those tankers you see are running so slowly. The fuel collector was not up to this, and as he or she turned down the street, the container shifted and then fell off the tray. And in the street. Without the container frame somehow tied to the board, the inertia will get you. Or in this case, the container.

Panic buying does not necessarily imply panic driving if that is indeed what caused the spill. Or could it have been distracted driving? Maybe it was an act of God or a case of real-time Darwinian results? Whatever the reason for the spill, this person's bad luck was just beginning.

The driver and the gas station will be fined

Fill the tank ?

According to Digi24, the spill happened in an area with many security cameras. Once the driver saw his spill, he jumped into his truck and sped away. But authorities believed it was egregious enough to investigate. Security footage will help locate the driver. That, and the receipt for the diesel fuel.

So, in addition to the embarrassment and loss of around $1,800, the driver will face a fine. And the gas station too. They will take a hit for allowing the fuel to be contained in this way. Hopefully this will prevent it from happening again, at least at this resort in Romania.