Best Free Online Appointment Scheduling Tools

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best free online appointment scheduling tools . All of these tools create your booking URL. You can share this URL with your clients so that they can check the appointment schedule and reschedule the appointment if they are not available at the scheduled time.

How can I make an appointment for free?

There are many online tools that allow you to book appointments for free. You can search the same on the internet or refer to the list of some free online dating tools in this article. All of these tools have interesting features, such as:

  • Integration with different apps including Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Zoom, etc.
  • Email notifications.
  • Video meetings.
  • Website and Facebook page integration.

Free online appointment booking tools

We have the following free online appointment scheduling tools on this list. Looked:

  1. Pickup time
  2. Calendment
  3. Setmore
  4. appointment
  5. 10to8

Let's see what features these tools offer.

1] Pickup time

Picktime online appointment booking tool

Picktime is a free online appointment scheduling tool. To use it, you need to visit its official website, picktime.com , and sign up using your Google or Facebook account, or another email address. You can add multiple clients and team members to this tool to schedule appointments. For each team member, there is an option to set working hours.

The Overview section of the tool displays a summary of all scheduled appointments for the current day and activity stream. To schedule an appointment, select Calendar in the left pane, then click New Appointment button. Before creating a new appointment, you must add your customers to the database and configure your services.

When creating an appointment, you can select its nature as recurring or non-recurring, meeting time and duration, etc. You can repeat an appointment on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Any additional meeting or client information can be entered in the Booking Notes section.

You can also assign a status to an appointment, such as confirmed, completed, started, pending, arrived, etc. Print option, you can print the appointment details or save them as PDF.


Setmore Online Appointment Scheduling Tool

Setmore lets you schedule unlimited appointments in its free plan. Other features you will get in its free plan are:

  • Personalized booking page with a unique URL,
  • videoconferences,
  • Social Media Integrations,
  • Email reminders, etc.

The dashboard of this tool displays all the appointments scheduled for the current day. You can also view your activity history for the current day in Activity This Week section.

You can add multiple staff, departments, clients, and classes to your database. You can schedule an appointment by clicking on a particular date in the calendar. When scheduling an appointment, you can add either the entire staff or a single member to manage the meeting. With Setmore's free plan, you cannot schedule recurring events.

Select the Apps & Integrations on the left side to see what types of integrations you have in Setmore's free plan. Along with the integrations, you'll also get a link to your Booking Page . You can share this link with your clients so they can book an appointment after viewing your and your team members' availabilities for a particular time slot.

Setmore, a free online appointment scheduling tool, is available at setmore.com .


Appointment booking tool

The free version of Appointy allows you to create up to 5 services and schedule a maximum of 100 appointments. Appointy offers many great features in its free plan. Let's take a look at some of these features:

  • Integration of website and Facebook page,
  • You can schedule groups, classes, events and individual appointments,
  • appointment reminders,
  • Customer verification, etc.

Appointy will automatically generate a booking link after you create your profile on its website, rendez-vous.com .

To make an appointment, go to My Space Space and click on the Appointment button. Alternatively, you can schedule the same by clicking on a particular date in the calendar.

When you schedule an appointment, it is possible to send an email for the same to the client. If you enable this option, your client will receive an email notification with the booking link. By clicking on the booking link, he can consult the details of the appointment and select another date and time slot in the Agenda if he is not available on the planned schedule. When he accepts the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.


10to8 Online Appointment Scheduling Tool

10to8 lets you create up to 2 employee connections and schedule up to 100 appointments per month in its free plan. The free version of 10to8 also lets you integrate your sync appointments with Google, Outlook, and iCloud calendars. Like all of the online meeting tools on this list, 10to8 also generates a unique booking URL that you can share with your attendees or clients to book an appointment.

To schedule an appointment, click the three horizontal lines at the top left, then click select Calendar . Now click on a particular day in the calendar to start scheduling an appointment. You can add customers to your database manually or by uploading an Excel file.

When booking an appointment, if you add your clients' email address, they will receive a notification on their email with the booking link. By clicking the booking link, your customers can see the appointment details and perform the following actions:

  • Send you the confirmation message.
  • Cancel the reservation.
  • Reschedule the reservation.

Visit 10to8.com to schedule appointments using the 10to8 online tool.

Does Google have an appointment scheduling tool?

You can use Google Calendar as an appointment scheduling app. To use this tool, open Google Calendar in your web browser and sign in using your Google account details. To book an appointment, click on the Create button at the top left and enter the required details. If you enter your client's email address, they will receive an email notification after booking the appointment. After receiving your email, they can perform the following actions:

  • Accept the invitation.
  • Decline the invitation.
  • Suggest a new time to reschedule the appointment.