'Bridgerton' Season 2: Benedict's Solo Story Teased But Fans Might Not See It Yet

With each season of Netflix Bridgerton focusing on a different member of the family, who's next? The events in Bridgerton Season 2 teased who could direct Season Three as Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson). The second oldest man is carefree, comical and artistic. Like his brother Anthony, he had no idea of ​​getting married but is open to love. As season two begins her solo story, fans might not see her for the next season.

[Warning: The article contains spoiler information for  Bridgerton  Season 2.]

Benedict tries to pursue his artistic career in season 2 of “Bridgerton”

As the ton pays attention to the new season and the love drama between Anthony, Kate and Edwina, Benedict tells her own story. From the first season, he established himself as the most open and cheerful male in the family who loves his jokes and teasing.

Benoît was also the artist among the brothers. He tangles with a famous artist and his rather outrageous painting parties in the first season. But there was no developed love story. In Bridgerton Season 2, the tide changes when he decides to apply to the Royal School for a proper education. In episode three, he is accepted.

On his first day of class, he is tasked with drawing the nude female form. The model, Tessa, catches Benedict's eye. He finds her drawing her own work and learns that she is a role model to learn from the lectures. In love with her, he poses naked for his work.

Benedict spends most of his art studies with her as the season progresses. When he learns that Anthony's large gift to the Academy is what secured his place, he is heartbroken. He decides to quit school and thinks he's not good enough. His final scene shows him tidying up his room and closing his art kit.

'Bridgerton' Producers Tease Next Season Doesn't Follow Book Order

If fans believe that each season of the show follows each Bridgerton's solo story and the order of the novels, then Benedict is next. Julia Quinn's third novel is titled An Offer from a Gentleman and focuses on the second oldest son. But executive producer Shonda Rhimes teases Bridgerton Season 3 may not be about Benedict.

"We're not necessarily going in order, but we're going to see each of the siblings and their stories," Rhimes told ET. She and the team “have gotten a bit creative so we're already writing season 3. … It's already underway and you'll see. Give it time. »

She explains that exploring every Bridgerton brother in every season has always been the plan and loves Benedict's story. Chris Van Dusen explains that the order of the seasons will depend on how the storylines unfold.

"I think we're doing a lot of work in these first two seasons to set up characters in these future seasons and each of these siblings will end up leading their own season, so it's important to flesh out these characters and to set them up for success,” Van Dusen said. Fans might find that Bridgerton Season 2 not only teased Benedict's story, but Colin's as well.

Where does Julia Quinn's book take Benedict on her own adventure?

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The third novel in the Bridgerton series is all about Benedict. According to the book's synopsis, a new female character is introduced named Sophie Beckett. She's always dreamed of sneaking into her esteemed family's big parties. While the daughter of a count, she is demoted as a servant thanks to her stepmother.

Sophie finds herself falling into Benedict Bridgerton's arms at the ball. It sounds like a Cinderella story when the clock strikes midnight, Sophie has to face reality. Benedict falls in love with the mysterious woman. When he meets a maid resembling his fantasy girl, Benedict struggles between the girl of his dreams and the girl he is truly in love with.