Fortnite's Armored Battle Bus is now a vehicle to drive

Epic Games Fortnite has released a fully completed, drivable version of the Armored Battle Bus just days after the release of Fornite Season 2 Chapter 3. The battle bus is a blue school bus that has been equipped with a variety of fearsome weapons. A huge cowcatcher covers the front end of the vehicle, which has two turrets at each end. Of course, none of Fortnite's other driveable vehicles offer the same defensive and offensive advantages.

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How to Complete Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 14 Challenges

In the Joy Ride Chapter 2 Season 3 update in August 2020, cars and trucks to drive were added to the game. A sedan, a two-door sports car, a pickup truck and a tractor-trailer were all added as part of the update. Just under a year later, Epic Games introduced gamers to the Ferrari 296 GTB, which offered a Battle Royale driving experience like no other on the market.

Following the release of Chapter 3 Season 2, the production company added another vehicle to the island that must be driven. However, unlike the other additions to the roster, the newest vehicle requires the participation of many players.

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Fortnite new vehicle to drive

Fortnite recently got an all-new vehicle to drive in the form of the Armored Battle Bus, a beefed-up school bus with a pair of working turrets and a front-mounted mean-looking cow catcher (via PCGamesN). The Battle Bus is currently only available in Sanctuary, specifically in the easternmost section of the area. Fortnite players would do well to avoid landing in Sanctuary as the armored vehicle will almost certainly work.

When you take a look at Fortnite's Armored Battle Bus, it's obvious that using all it has to offer will take more than one person. After all, these mounted turrets won't work on their own. Even without the use of Fortnite's powerful turrets, the vehicle looks pretty powerful. The cowcatcher can plow through virtually anything, including structures, as players have discovered. If this giant vehicle rolls down the street, fighters on foot should keep a watchful eye.

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Battles that can be fought Buses aren't the only Fortnite enhancements that have changed the pacing of the game in recent days. Additionally, Epic Games just released a limited-time No Build option, which completely removes iconic building elements from the game. And, according to datamined details, Epic may be considering permanently enabling the new game mode, which , if accurate, would allow players to choose whether or not to participate in modes with build-centric gameplay opportunities.