How to Use the TV App in iOS 10

Here is a guide on how to use the TV app in iOS 10.

This app has replaced the pre-existing Videos app and is now the central hub for all your video content both online and offline. It has connections to your other streaming services and aims to have all your video needs in one place.

You will need to install the free iOS 10 update or later to use this app.

How to Use the TV App in iOS 10

Here are the different features of the TV app for iOS.

How to use the TV app

When you first open the TV app, you'll be greeted with your Library of purchased TV shows and movies in a view very similar to Apple Music and the Music app. You will be able to quickly open and view all seasons of TV shows that you have purchased with your Apple ID and also Download from the Cloud using the cloud icon .

TV app main library page

If you go out of town and want to download offline content, you can download the episodes you need and also tap the link to the iTunes Store to purchase and download additional episodes.

When it comes to movies you can also download purchased items from the cloud as well as view information from the iTunes Store regarding runtime, rating, and filmmaker information. Keep in mind that movie downloads will definitely take up more space on your iPhone, so be sure to plan accordingly before you go on a trip.

Downloadable purchased movies in the TV app

There is a link to add additional broadcast services to your TV app using other apps from the App Store. These include Cable Subscriber apps like FX, ABC and also apps like HBO GO and Showtime. At this time it doesn't seem to support Netflix yet, all of the apps available in this menu will go through the TV app and give you a place to watch them all.


You can also rent content from the iTunes Store directly from your device and they will appear in the Movies tab. This is another great way to get content on the guy and know it will be deleted from your app after the endpoint rental expires giving you extra space for more media.

The TV app is a great facelift to previous videos and will give users much better management of video media in their account and on their device. The streamlined look is again a nod to the Music app, and frequent listeners will likely find it fairly easy to navigate. I recommend checking out the TV app for all your video media needs as it creates a very seamless and intuitive place for your entertainment.