iPhone 11 problems: 5 things you need to know

We continue to receive complaints about iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro , and iPhone 11 Pro Max issues as we enter the new year.

We keep getting lots of feedback from Apple iPhone 11 series owners. Lots of feedback is good. These are powerful devices with exceptional cameras and they are definitely worth a look if you are looking for a new smartphone.

They're solid phones, but they're not perfect. We also see frustrated users complaining about various hardware and software issues.

We haven't heard of any new widespread issues, but we have received complaints about various bugs, performance issues, and design issues.

With all that in mind, we want to walk you through the most important things to know, right now, about iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro , and iPhone 11 Pro Max questions.

This guide will walk you through the current status of these issues, potential solutions to the issues, where to find feedback on the issues, and next steps in terms of iOS updates for devices.


Problems with iPhone 11

If you're having trouble activating your new iPhone 11 model, check Apple's System Status Page . If it does not show green, you will have to wait until it turns green and then try to activate the phone again.

If it's green and still not working, make sure you have a SIM card inserted in your iPhone. If you receive a "No Sim" or "Invalid SIM" error, you'll want to head over to this guide for help .

Some iPhone 11 users are complaining about iCloud restore issues. This is another common problem with newer iPhones. If you're having trouble restoring from iCloud, head here for some potential fixes.

We also hear about Face ID issues, first and third party app issues, RAM management issues, swap issues, iCloud issues, visual voicemail issues, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi issues, sound issues, and a few complaints about abnormal battery drain.

A number of iPhone 11 users are also complaining about scratched screens and you can read more about these complaints in our report.

We expect the list of iPhone 11 problems to grow as more people adopt these devices in 2022 and beyond.

Where to find reviews

If you're considering buying an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone Pro Max, or already own one, you'll want to keep an eye out for reviews from owners of those phones. These comments will alert you to potential issues with the hardware and software.

We recommend keeping an eye on Youtube , Apple's discussion forums , social media sites like Twitter, and the Mac Rumors forums for continued commentary on these devices.

We have compiled a list of the best reasons to install and not install the latest version of iOS 15. The current version of iOS 15 is iOS 15.4.

How to Fix iPhone 11 Problems

If you're having a problem on your new iPhone, there's no need to panic. Chances are you can avoid taking it to an Apple Store or your local carrier store for assistance.

First, check out our list of fixes for the most common iOS issues. It will walk you through fixes for common issues like broken Bluetooth and down Wi-Fi.

We've also posted some tips to help you improve performance and a guide that might help you improve battery life if you notice abnormal discharge.

If you can't find a solution to your problem in our guides, you'll want to check Apple's discussion forums for potential solutions to your problem(s).

If you can't find anything there, it's time to contact Apple and you can do so through the company's support account on Twitter . You can also contact Apple Support through the company's website .

If you prefer to explain your problem in person, take your new phone to your local Apple Store and see if they can diagnose your problem. If you have an Apple Store in your area and it's open, you'll want to schedule a Genius Bar Rendezvous .

Your iPhone is currently under warranty, so they might offer you a replacement if the problem is serious enough.

How to downgrade

If you are having issues on your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max, you can try downgrading to older software if the option is available. Currently, this is not the case.

Apple has stopped signing on iOS 15.3.1, which means you can't downgrade to the previous version of iOS 15 for the purpose of improving your phone's performance.

Unfortunately, the company has also stopped signing on iOS 15.3, iOS 15.2.1, iOS 15.2, iOS 15.1.1, iOS 15.1, iOS 15.0.2, iOS 15.0.1, and iOS 15.0, which means it doesn't there is no way to revert to these versions. Neither does iOS 15.

Apple also stopped signing on to the previous operating system, iOS 14, so there is no way to roll back to Apple's previous operating system.

If you're unfamiliar with the downgrade process, our guide will walk you through everything you need to know.

And after

If your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max is having trouble with iOS 15.4 or another version of iOS 15, you'll be on your own for a while.

iOS 15.4 was the last known update to iOS 15 in Apple's pipeline, so it's unclear when the next version will come to the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. .

We expect Apple to push a new version of iOS 15 into beta testing in the near future, so you'll want to keep an eye out for new software as we dig deeper into the month.