iPhone SE 3 storage: what size to buy?

Choosing the right iPhone SE 3 The right storage size for your needs and budget can be tricky. So we want to help you choose between the cheapest option (64 GB), the intermediate option (128 GB) and the most expensive variant (256 GB).

While you might be tempted to go for the cheapest iPhone SE 3 variant or the model with the most storage, many of you would be much better off opting for the 128GB model.

One thing to keep in mind is that you'll probably end up paying for more storage one way or another. Either you'll spend the money up front or pay a monthly fee for additional storage through Apple's iCloud service.

There are several important factors to consider before choosing an iPhone SE 3 model and we'll break down all the things you need to consider in this guide.

iPhone SE 3 storage options

Apple and its business partners are selling three different iPhone SE 3 storage options at three different price points.

The cheapest iPhone SE 3 configuration is the 64GB model which costs $429 without a deal. The middle option, the 128GB iPhone SE 3, sells for $479. The largest storage configuration, the 256GB model, costs $579.

If you don't want to pay full price, you can get a solid refund if you're able to trade in an eligible phone. We should also see sporadic offers from retailers and carriers over the weeks.

Although you can add additional storage to some Android phones, the iPhone SE 3 does not come with a microSD card slot. So if you want to add additional storage, you'll need to use iCloud or purchase a Lightning Compatible Drive .

Pay for storage today or pay later

If you plan on shooting a lot of 4K video, downloading a bunch of content, or playing a ton of games on your iPhone SE 3, you'll need some space.

While 64GB might seem like plenty, chances are it will fill up quickly and you'll be forced to continuously delete files you no longer need or pay for iCloud storage.

Luckily, iCloud is pretty inexpensive, and you can get 50GB of extra cloud storage for as little as a dollar a month. Here's how the current prices break down:

Remember that you can also share iCloud storage with your family members.

Why should you buy a 64GB iPhone SE 3

The 64GB iPhone SE 3 is definitely worth a look if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a new iPhone.

When we reviewed the iPhone 8, we determined that 64GB of storage wasn't enough space for a lot of people. If you go this route, you'll probably have to be very careful with your storage space and app usage over the months.

Here are a few reasons to consider going with the 64GB model:

Why should you buy a 128GB iPhone SE 3

Some of you might want to spend the money for the extra 64GB of space. Even if it's just for the peace of mind that the extra space provides. Here are a few reasons to go for the 128GB iPhone SE 3 :

The 128GB iPhone SE 3 model is a solid middle-of-the-road option that can work with or without iCloud.

Why should you buy a 256GB iPhone SE 3

We've been using an iPhone 12 for over a year now. And during this time, we managed to occupy about 200 GB of its internal storage. That's well over the 64GB threshold, well over 128GB and just under 256GB.

We do not store any large video files on the phone. Instead, the storage is mostly taken up with apps, videos, iMessages, photos, and music.

We haven't hit the 256GB mark yet, but we like knowing that we can do pretty much anything on the device without getting close to the device threshold.

Here's who should think about buying the iPhone SE 3 256GB mockup:

How to check your current storage

Before choosing any of these storage options, you should check your current storage because you will be able to gather good information about your habits. Here's how:

This will show you how much free storage you currently have on your iPhone and how much you are currently using. It will also tell you exactly what is taking up the most storage. For many of you, it will be photos and videos, apps and messages.

If you're below 10-15% capacity, you probably need more storage on your next iPhone.

If you use iCloud, you should also check your iCloud storage usage:

This screen shows your iCloud storage usage and your current plan. If you tap on Manage Storage, you'll get a better breakdown of how you use cloud storage.