Is Space Force's Diana Silvers related to Julia Roberts?

Netflix's Space Force still flies under the radar for many people who enjoy binge-watching the popular streaming service. However, its star-studded cast certainly stands out. Steve Carell returns to the comedy world as General Mark R. Naird, but his on-screen daughter is also a draw.

Diana Silvers plays Erin Naird. Although her acting career is still in its infancy, she has received well-deserved recognition for her work. Many fans are also doing a double take, thinking she is 100% related to Julia Roberts.

Diana Silvers is a bright young actress you can see in Netflix's 'Space Force'

At the start of Space Force , Silvers' character Erin is deeply unhappy about moving to Wild Horse, Colorado for her father's job. She begins to film in a goofy, teenage fashion before slowly developing strong bonds with her family despite the delicate circumstances.

This is the last notable role for Silvers in a short time. The 24-year-old made her acting debut in 2018 on Hulu's Into the Dark anthology series. She broke out the following year with roles in Glass, Booksmart, and Mom . Bookstore is the most beloved of these three films, and Silvers' performance is one of the reasons.

The LA native plays Hope, the cool, detached high school girl whose tongue-in-cheek posture belies a more empathetic person beneath the surface. It's not a big role on paper, but she managed to add enough presence to make a name for herself.

Since then, Silvers has appeared in Jessica Chastain's thriller Ava and as one of the leads in the Amazon Prime ballet drama Birds of Paradise. She doesn't have another officially announced role at this time, but it's only a matter of time before Silvers returns to the screen.

Despite the resemblance, Diana Silvers is unrelated to Julia Roberts

Another reason Silvers attracts attention is that her appearance draws comparisons to a young Julia Roberts. The two are not related, but Silvers has admitted in the past that Roberts is someone she looks up to when planning her own acting career.

"Julia Roberts started around the same age as me, and it's cool because I feel like I can watch her career choices and try to figure out her strategy," she said. Collider in 2019. “At the end of the day, the only real strategy is to take on roles you're passionate about and work with directors and actors you want to work with, and just play interesting characters. It really is the game plan.

Bookstore director Olivia Wilde also called Silvers the next Julia Roberts in an Entertainment Tonight interview around the same time. It's a high bar to reach, but Silvers has the potential to become a movie star in her own right.

Roberts does, however, have a relative in the entertainment industry. His niece, Emma Roberts, shot to fame on Nickelodeon 's Infamous in 2004. Now the 31-year-old is a sought-after Hollywood mainstay, appearing in movies and TV shows like American Horror Story , We Are the Millers and Scream Queens . . Emma's father, Eric Roberts, is Julia's brother.

"Space Force" is a mediocre parody of the absurdity of the leaders of our institutions

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If Diana Silvers' talent caught your eye, you should check out Space Force on Netflix. The comedy series centers on General Naird de Carell, the first chief of operations of the titular U.S. Space Force, the sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The first season focuses on Naird's hesitant attempts to establish a base on the moon as soon as possible at the behest of a reckless government. The ties to reality are obvious, as is the show's place in the line of parodies about the power-hungry idiots who run the world.

The show received lackluster reviews for the first season, mostly due to the uneven tone between the attempted satire of a society that may be beyond satire at this point and the more workplace comedy mode. comfortable in which she sometimes slips.

Season 2 premiered in February 2022. Given the breadth of talent involved in Space Force — John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Tawny Newsome, and Jimmy O. Yang round out the main cast — we can't wait to see the series evolve.