Jetpacks Rumored To Return To Fortnite, Allowing Hovering

According to leaks, jetpacks could return to Fortnite, this time with hovering capabilities. Jetpacks were added to the hugely popular battle royale game for a limited time a few years ago, and they were just one of many unique gameplay changes to Fortnite.

Fortnite, when it comes to free live games, has seen more changes than the majority. Epic Games' hugely popular multiplayer game is getting a lot of attention from the gaming world due to its ever-changing content, which includes everything from new outfits to entirely new cards.

Fortnite may occasionally add new features to its core gameplay, with the most notable examples being the Mantle and Vehicles. The most recent change to the Fortnite model was the elimination of the infamous building mechanic, which upended the game's instant action. Over time, new traversal alternatives were implemented, such as shooters Web Spider-Man, which allow for new mobility mechanics and difficulties.

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Rumors of Jetpack's Return to Fortnite

According to HYPEX, another move change may be on the way (via PCGamesN). Jetpacks are set to return in the Fortnite season, according to HYPEX's tweet, which included a video from Postboxpat, and will appear in IO Airships. A new hover feature will allow players to shoot in the air, according to the tweet. HYPEX did not provide a specific date for the availability of this new feature.

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Although all leaks should be treated with caution, there is reason to suspect that this material is okay. For starters, HYPEX has a good track record of leaks, having accurately flagged Fortnite additions like tanks before they were officially revealed. Postboxpat's video that followed HYPEX's tweet is more believable, as it does not appear to be edited or staged footage and matches all of the facts provided by HYPEX regarding jetpacks.

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Jetpacks Rumored To Return To Fortnite, Allowing Hover 2

It is uncertain whether jetpacks are temporary or permanent if implemented. Despite their popularity, Spider-web Man's shooters were eventually retired from Fortnite , and it's possible jetpacks will follow suit. Alternatively, these mics may end up working well with the game's core gaming architecture and stay in the game that way. However, the game's long-term future is uncertain, and the game's creators are almost certain to have plenty more surprises in store for players beyond this hypothetical new traversal item.