'Kirby and the Forgotten Land': Every Free Gift Code in Waddle Dee Town

Kirby loves receiving packages just as much as humans do in real life. That's why Nintendo Kirby and the Forgotten Land offers a present service! By using a variety of in-game codes, players can unlock goodies that can help them on their journey to save Waddle Dees. Here are all the codes so far in Kirby and the Forgotten Land plus where to find them, how to use them, and what they unlock.

What is a gift code in "Kirby and the Forgotten Land"? Moreover, how to redeem them

A gift code is a specific word or phrase that you can enter in-game to receive items such as coins, food, and rare gems. There are a handful of free codes hidden around Waddle Dee Town to get you started. Also, you may find more codes online later from Nintendo, video game stores and media. Twitter is a great place to check if someone has shared new codes.

You can redeem gift codes through the Waddle Dee-liveries booth in Waddle Dee Town, which opens when Kirby registers 50 Waddle Dees. To redeem a code, simply speak to the Waddle Dee at the booth. It will ask you to enter the code using a keyboard on the Nintendo Switch screen. Then, a gift box will immediately appear outside of Kirby's house.

It is important to note that the actual codes are case sensitive, so they must be entered exactly as shown. Additionally, you can only redeem each gift code once, and only one at a time. You must open the gift box at home before leaving for another delivery. Some codes also require an online connection, which is available with a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Every free gift code in 'Kirby and the Forgotten Land' and what they offer

Nintendo is celebrating Kirby and the Forgotten Land launch by giving away a gift code via Twitter: MOUTHFULMODE. This code unlocks 100 Star Coins and a Car-Mouth Cake. However, it will only remain active until April 25, 2022, so fans need to act fast to redeem.

Those who have played Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo may also have noticed some codes at the end. If you have an online connection, you can redeem two codes to complete the demo and check off all demo missions:

  • CLEARDEMO (300 Star Coins)
  • NEW ADVENTURE (300 Star Coins, 1 Rare Stone)

Finally, here are the remaining free codes hidden in Waddle Dee Town and what they unlock:

  • FIRST PASSWORD (100 star coins)
  • BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM (500 coins, 1 attack boost)
  • KIRBYTHEGOURMET (1 Rare Stone, 1 Car-Bouche Cake)
  • KIRBYSTORY (300 pieces)

Where to find the hidden gift codes in Waddle Dee Town

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You can redeem the above codes without looking for their hidden locations first. However, if you still want to check them out, you can explore the city and find them written on walls and rooftops. Here's a handy tip: Kirby's blue guide, Elfilin, will alert you with a speech bubble when he spots a hidden code.

You will find FIRSTPASSWORD on the wall of the building directly opposite the Waddle Dee liveries. Meanwhile, KIRBYSTORY is inside the cinema next to the magazines. Once you've unlocked the Waddle Dee Cafe, you can spot KIRBYTHEGOURMET by standing inside the flowerpot at the top of the building.

Later you will find BRAWLINGCOLOSSEUM at the top of the Colosseum. THANKYOUMETAKNIGHT is also inside the Colosseum, on the wall under Meta Knight after the credits.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now available on Nintendo Switch.