'Kirby and the Forgotten Land' review roundup: 'The best Kirby game ever'

Kirby and the Forgotten Land reviews have started rolling in, and it looks to be Kirby's best adventure yet. Reviewers loved the Nintendo game's addictive gameplay, cute graphics, and light-hearted nature. On the other hand, some thought he could use a little more challenge and substance. Here is our Kirby and the Forgotten Land review report.

'Kirby and the Forgotten Land' is Kirby's first 3D adventure

After 30 years of Kirby games, it's finally time for the pink furry ball to fully enter 3D territory. Kirby and the Forgotten Land takes players on an adventure through a lost city, complete with an abandoned mall and rutted roads. The evil Beast Pack has kidnapped the Waddle Dees from the land, and it's up to Kirby to save them. Along the way, players can revive Waddle Dee Town in a thriving community with mini-games and more.

In addition to Kirby's classic Copy Abilities, Kirby and the Forgotten Land introduces Mouthful Mode. Kirby can inhale various large objects like a vending machine, car, or light bulb to help him move around and take down enemies in unique and creative ways.

Many critics loved the charisma of “Kirby and the Forgotten Land”

The word "best" has appeared in many reviews so far: best Kirby game, best Nintendo Switch game, etc. Many reviewers have mentioned the smiles that Kirby and the Forgotten Land brought to their faces. Giving Kirby and the Forgotten Land a 9 out of 10, GameSpot praised the game's charm:

"  Kirby and the Forgotten Land is one of those games that's hard to play without constantly having a goofy smile on your face. It's more than just a cute and charming platformer with colorful visuals, though. It's one of the best platformers on Nintendo Switch thanks to its brilliantly crafted stages and a dynamic arsenal of abilities that constantly shake up the platforming and the action from moment to moment.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Life appreciated the game's creativity:

"This first fully three-dimensional main entry in the franchise is brimming with fun and inventiveness, managing to bring everything we know and love about past Kirby games into this all-new arena while adding many delightful new aspects as we go along. and as you go. Mouthful mode is just as entertaining as it looked in the trailers, each level is full of secrets and dripping with wonderful details, and there are enough side activities, collectibles and fun cooperative here to entertain and return. for longer. What a great way to celebrate 30 years of the best of Planet Popstar.

GamesRadar+ called this a "new era" for Kirby:

“The Kirby Path and the Forgotten builds on the lore of the show really feels like we've entered a new era for pink puffball. The larger, more open 3D setting, filled with challenges and inventive features, makes this a must-do adventure for long-time fans. And for newcomers, I can't think of a better introduction. There's just no way to hold back my excitement for what the future may hold for the series going forward. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is truly a delight from start to finish.”

Others thought the game lacked substance

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Kirby's new adventure is certainly a crowd pleaser, but it's not flawless. Some reviewers thought the game's charm wore off when it became repetitive. Many of Kirby's new abilities are introduced early on, so there's nothing new in the middle of the adventure. The Verge, for example, compared Kirby and the Forgotten Land to cotton candy:

“Just like carnival candy, Kirby is fluffy, cute, pink and very soft. It looks appealing and is so much fun to eat, but the minute you put it in your mouth, it dissolves. Gone so fast, you barely noticed it was there. That's what it's like to play Kirby and The Forgotten Land; fun at the moment, but without real substance. And that's it! Kirby and the Forgotten Land 's surgically deployed kindness is more than enough to overcome its relative emptiness.

This worn charm could stem from the fact that Kirby's 3D journey isn't exactly difficult. AusGamers notes:

“Anyway, what's here is fun and it's Nintendo and there's co-op for families or friends, but it's all just so incredibly light. And I say that with full appreciation and love for the likes of Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion 3 and Yoshi's Crafted World – there's no challenge outside of 100% item collecting. and beating Treasure Road times, the rest is just a cakewalk, and sadly, all the bad Awoofys in the game can't make me think otherwise.