Lock Individual Apps on Jailbroken iPhone with iAppLock

Recently, we wrote an article where we warned about fake apps on App Store that claim to lock other apps for you. Android makes it very easy to lock individual apps without any hassle. But the way iOS is built, it's not possible for an app to lock other apps — unless, of course, you have a jailbroken device.

So let's talk about a simple app called iAppLock that I personally use to lock individual apps on my iPhone. iAppLock can be installed on iOS devices running iOS 7 and above that have been jailbroken. The app can be downloaded for free from the Cydia store. Once you have downloaded and renewed your device, you will see the iAppLock icon on the springboard.

Locking apps using iAppLock

The first time you launch the app, it will start the initial setup. The app will ask you to set up a PIN or pattern lock and also set a recovery email which can be used to retrieve the code in case you forget the combination. Finally, turn on Lock Status in Settings to activate the app. Then go to the apps tab to add individual apps you want to lock.

I App Locker 1
I App Locker 2

The very first app I would suggest adding here is Cydia itself. This will ensure that no one can uninstall iAppLock without your permission.

I App Locker 7
I App Locker 3

In the free version of the app, you can lock a maximum of 5 apps, but that should be enough to get started. The pro version removes the limitation for just $3.99. So, after adding apps to the list, every time you try to open them, you have to authenticate before you can access the app. Locking can be extended to uninstalling the app and moving app icons on the Springboard.

I App Locker 9
I App Locker 8

In the app setting, you can choose to delay relocking the app once unlocked. Delayed locking can be set up to 30 minutes before the device is locked again. The application offers the possibility to add trusted Wi-Fi networks where the lock will be disabled for a certain period of time. The app has some extra features, but all of these can only be unlocked after paying for the premium version.

I App Locker 10

iAppLock built-in security

If by any chance you forget the password lock, it can be easily recovered by tapping the Forgot Password button. The app will send you an authentication email with a one-time PIN to unlock the device and set up a new lock.

I App Locker 4
I App Locker 5


The app is easy to set up and performs the task perfectly. I had no boring experience with the app and would definitely recommend it.

iPhone 5S and later users might find the traditional passcode and pattern lock a bit more old-fashioned than Touch ID, and they're absolutely right. Why enter a password when you can use biometric sensors? So don't forget to tune in to our next article where I talk about another app that brings Touch ID functionality when it comes to locking individual apps.