'Nancy Drew': 4 Predictions and Theories for Season 4

Drew Crew, get your flashlights and beanies ready – the CW has finally renewed Nancy Drew for season 4. It might be a while before fans see the red-headed sleuth on the small screen, but many many people have already started to theorize about what will happen next. Here are some predictions and hopes for Nancy Drew Season 4.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for Nancy Drew Season 3 Episode 13, “The Ransom of the Forsaken Soul.”]

There will be another time jump

Nancy Drew 's Season 3 finale wrapped up Temperance Hudson's (Olivia Taylor Dudley) storyline (at least for now). The titular detective (Kennedy McMann) managed to kill his evil ancestor before Temperance could bring destruction to Horseshoe Bay.

A month later, each member of the Drew Crew has entered a new phase in their lives. Nancy has opened the official Nancy Drew Investigations office in Icarus Hall, and Ace (Alex Saxon) has taken on a new job at the morgue. Meanwhile, Nick (Tunji Kasim) has decided to stay in Horseshoe Bay to help restore the town after the tsunami, and Bess (Maddison Jaizani) has become the Historical Society's new caretaker. George (Leah Lewis) started growing up alone without Nick by her side.

Although Nancy Drew already had a brief time jump, now is the perfect time for another one that might be a bit longer. When the show resumes, Nancy might already be immersed in her investigation of the bodies that disappeared from the cemetery during the finale. She may even find herself a bit estranged from the rest of the Drew Crew as they all pursue new goals. Of course, they will all end up coming back together to work on another case.

More true crime, less supernatural

Nancy Drew Season 3 leaned heavily into the supernatural realm, with dark magic and spirits galore. Many fans loved this side of Nancy's adventures, but the show definitely strayed from some of the classic Nancy Drew true-crime aspects of previous seasons. It might be time to take a step back from the hauntings of Horseshoe Bay.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Noga Landau teased that Nancy Drew Season 4 would return to the "roots" of the series.

“We put Nancy back in a graveyard with her bonnet and flashlight, and the start of a new mystery that should be a bit more like the mysteries we tackled in Season 1 and Season 2 – for a bit of a palate cleanser,” Landau explained.

That said, Landau also mentioned that the graveyard mystery will tie into Season 3, so it could be a refreshing mix of old-school Nancy cases and new-school supernatural occurrences.

The return route will once again become a priority

Nancy Drew introduced The Road Back, a dangerous cult tied to politics and government corruption, back in Season 2. When Ace and Nancy got wind of The Road Back's crimes, including murder, they got access to a list of people under witness protection whom The Road Back wanted revenge. Nancy and Ace gave the list to Celia Hudson (Teryl Rothery) so she could hide it, but The Road Back then killed Celia as a result.

The Road Back probably wouldn't forget Nancy and Ace, but that storyline dropped in Season 3. Some Reddit fans have expressed interest in seeing The Road Back return as an actual enemy for the Drew Crew to fight in. season 4. It would be their biggest and toughest battle yet, but hey – they've stopped a supernatural apocalypse, so they can probably take down a cult.

Nancy and Ace will fight against the Curse of Temperance

In one of the most heartbreaking moments in the Season 3 finale, Temperance placed a curse on Nancy that would kill Ace if she ever tried to pursue a relationship with him. Nancy once tried to get away from Ace because of the curse. But will this distance between them really last? Ace has struggled to express his feelings to Nancy, so it seems unlikely that he will let her go.

As dangerous as it may be, Nancy may need to tell Ace about the curse. They will probably try to find a way to end it together. After all, many fans have waited long enough to finally see Nancy and Ace together, so it was time Nancy Drew let this couple shine.

Nancy Drew Seasons 1-3 are now available to stream on HBO Max.