“Riverdale”: Who is the trash bag killer? 3 TBK Theories, Explained

Riverdale fans can't wait to find out the true identity of the Trash Bag Killer. He or she? – first appeared in Season 5 during Betty Cooper's FBI training days and quickly became Betty's nemesis. And though the CW teen drama temporarily strayed from its TBK storyline, the murder mystery finally returned in Season 6 Episode 6 on March 20. Here are a few. Riverdale fan theories on who TBK might be behind the mask.

[Spoiler alert: The following story contains spoilers for  Riverdale  Season 6 Episode 6, “Chapter One Hundred and One: Unbelievable.”]

The Trash Bag Killer Terrorized Betty Cooper During 'Riverdale' Season 5

For those in need of a refresher, Riverdale introduced TBK after Season 5's time jump. Five years out of high school, Betty worked as an FBI intern in Quantico, Virginia tasked with finding a killer who wrapped the bodies of his dismembered victims in garbage bags. However, Betty became obsessed with the case and went against orders by entering TBK's lair to save someone. She was too late and TBK took Betty hostage for two weeks.

Although Betty escaped TBK, she continued to have nightmares from her trauma. Meanwhile, TBK likely continued his killing spree, migrating to different parts of the United States. Then, in the last episode, the Trash Bag Killer finally made it to Riverdale.

Many fans initially speculated that Betty's FBI partner and former love Glen Scot (Greyston Holt) was TBK. However, the theory was proven wrong in Season 6 Episode 6, when TBK suffocated Glen with a trash bag in his car. Interestingly, TBK told Glen he was being punished for disrespecting Betty earlier today. Is the killer someone else close to Betty?

This TBK Theory Suggests Hal Cooper Is Back As A Killer

Betty's father, Hal (Lochlyn Munro), once terrorized Riverdale as another serial killer known as The Black Hood. Hal had a troubling childhood, as his mother convinced him that the world needed to get rid of its sinners. He took matters into his own hands by killing the sinners of Riverdale as an adult.

Hal went to jail, escaped and was later killed. And yet, according to a tweet from Alice Cooper actor Mädchen Amick (seen above), Hal will return in some form or another in Season 6. Riverdale fan theory suggests that Hal could have taken on a new serial killer character as TBK. After all, viewers have never seen his body, which means Hal could really be alive. Plus, it seems likely that he would stand up for Betty.

Some fans think Charles became the trash bag killer

Speaking of family ties to Betty, there's also Betty's older half-brother, Charles Smith (Wyatt Nash). As an FBI agent, Charles helped destroy The Farm and grew close to Betty's family. However, he was later revealed to be another killer, having murdered two of Jughead Jones' (Cole Sprouse) former classmates after attempting to assassinate Jughead.

Like Hal, Charles went to jail and then escaped. Betty shot him in season 5, but Charles was later revealed to be in intensive care. His current whereabouts are unknown, meaning he is a TBK suspect.

Jughead Jones as TBK would be a surprising twist

While this is a major plot twist, Jughead is also a TBK suspect in the eyes of some fans. Betty's former love showed some seriously suspicious behavior in Season 5 - going off the grid for long periods of time, having hallucinations and blackouts, and more.

These behaviors seem to have settled in, but it's very interesting that someone (Glen) is disrespecting Betty and suddenly TBK is around again. How far would Jughead go to protect the woman he once loved (and perhaps still loves)?

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