Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services, but sometimes suffers from a few hiccups. One such annoying issue that has bothered many of its users is when Spotify app keeps pausing on Android or iPhone.

If the music or podcast on Spotify app keeps stopping randomly, you can use these 8 solutions below to fix the problem. Let's start.

1. Check internet connection

Check and determine if your internet connection is spotty. You might have trouble streaming music from Spotify if connectivity is intermittent. Check the strength of your internet connection by running a quick speed test on your Android or iPhone.

2. Check for Bluetooth connection issues

If you're listening to music on a Bluetooth headset or speaker, be careful that those devices stay connected. If you're using a wireless headset, make sure you're within range of your phone and that your headset has enough battery power. Similarly, unpair the Bluetooth headset or speaker and re-pair it with your Android or iPhone.

3. Check the audio output device

If you tend to use Spotify on multiple devices, it's important to know that Spotify only allows you to stream to one device at a time per account. So, if someone else starts using Spotify on one of your devices, you might wonder why the playback has stopped.

You can check the current audio device in the Spotify app to verify it and take control of playback on the device you want to use it on.

4. Log out of all devices

If the problem persists, you can sign out of Spotify on all your devices (wherever you use Spotify) and start over. Although reconnecting to all your devices may seem like a hassle, it's the only way to remove unwanted devices from your Spotify account. In addition, it is difficult to reconnect to all affected devices.

To do this, you will need to visit the Spotify website on your phone or PC.

Step 1: Open your favorite web browser and go to Spotify website. Log in to your Spotify account.

Step 2: Expand the Profile menu in the upper right corner and select Account from the list.

Step 3: Scroll down to click on the “Sign Out Everywhere” button.

After that, log into your Spotify account on Android and iPhone to see if the issue is resolved.

5. Disable Battery Saver

Enabling a battery saver may limit the Spotify app's ability to run in the background. Since access to background data is prohibited, this may cause frequent pauses during streaming. Consider disabling battery saver on Android or low power mode on iPhone by following the steps below.


To disable Power Saver on Android, open the Settings app and go to Battery. Next, disable battery saver mode.


To turn off battery saver on iPhone, open the Settings app and go to Battery. Then turn off the switch next to low power mode.

6. Disable Data Saver

Enabling data savers may also limit Spotify's ability to use background data efficiently. This, in turn, can lead to issues such as songs failing to download in the background or repeated pauses while streaming. Therefore, for the best experience, you will need to turn off data saver on your phone.


To turn off data saver on Android, open settings and go to Network & Internet. Then turn off Data saver mode.


To disable low data mode on Wi-Fi, launch the Settings app and select Wi-Fi. Tap the Info icon next to your Wi-Fi network and turn off the switch next to Low data mode.

If you use Spotify on mobile data, open the Settings app on your iPhone, go to Cellular/Mobile Data and choose Cellular/Mobile Data options. Next, disable low data mode.

7. Disable Background Data Restriction

If the Spotify app does not have the necessary permissions to run in the background, it will keep stopping to check it. Here's how to change that on Android and iPhone.


Step 1: Long press the Spotify app icon and tap the info icon in the menu. On the app info page, select Mobile data and Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Enable the switch next to Background data and Unlimited data usage.


Step 1: Launch Settings app on your iPhone, go to General and tap Background App Refresh.

Step 2: Scroll down and enable Background App Refresh for Spotify.

8. Clear Spotify Cache

Spotify accumulates cache data when you stream songs and podcasts. If the existing cache data is too old, it can start interfering with its functionality and lead to unexpected breaks. One way to fix this problem is to clear Spotify cache data from your Android or iPhone.

Since Spotify app has similar user interface on Android and iPhone, you can follow the steps below on any smartphone to clear Spotify cache data. The downside of this solution is that it will delete all your offline downloads.

Step 1: Launch Spotify app on your Android or iPhone. Tap the gear icon in the top right corner to open Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down to Storage section and tap on Clear cache. Select Clear Cache again when prompted.

9. Reinstall Spotify

Finally, if you are still bothered by sudden pauses on Spotify while streaming music, the official Spotify forum recommends reinstalling the app. This will clear all conflicting app data and update the app to its latest version, in case you were using an older version.

More breaks

There's nothing more annoying than your favorite music or podcasts randomly stopping. Apart from trying the above solutions, you can also consider downloading your favorite tracks for offline use to avoid any kind of lag or interruption due to patchy internet.