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Proof of billing example

Proof of bills include utility bills (they don't have to be in your name as long as you can prove you live there.) Usually, credit companies only verify that the address is real. Credit card bills are also valid proof of bills, water bills, cable bills, some will accept signed lease agreements or landlord affidavits.

If you want to authorize someone to use your document as proof of invoice, here is a sample proof of invoice authorization.

Example of proof of billing sample :

To whom it may concern,

I, [NAME OF OWNER OF RESIDENCE], am the owner of a residential property located at [ADDRESS]. I hereby undertake that my [RELATIONSHIP TO APPLICANT], [NAME OF APPLICANT], is currently taking up residence in the above-mentioned residential property as a Lessee, for and in consideration of a monthly rental fee. She is likewise responsible for the settlement of the household’s utility bills such as but not limited to electricity and water supply.



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