Sample of deed of sale of land

Deed of sale of land template

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The purchase or sale of a property is not legally complete until the buyer and seller have signed a deed of sale. Usually, a deed of sale is signed only after both parties are satisfied and comply with the terms set out in the agreement.

Include details such as the buyer's and seller's full names and their addresses. Other details such as details of the property for sale, identification number, location of the property, address of the property, total area of ​​the property, etc.

Features of a sales contract

1. Important legal matters: A valid sales contract is verified by two witnesses, one on the seller's side and one on the buyer's side. In the event of a dispute in the future, the purchase contract is a legal document certified by two contractually competent witnesses. A deed of sale is a legal document.

2. Breach clause: The sales contract contains a breach clause, so in the event of a breach of contract by any buyer or seller, liquidated damages shall be paid to the non-defaulting party in accordance with the terms specified in the sales contract.

3. Valid Proof of Ownership: A bill of sale is a valid proof of property ownership. Because during the preparation of the deed of sale, the legal counsel will usually look for the real property and make the title deed and based on that and the references they provide in the deed of sale to release the property.

4. Property description: The contract of sale must contain an accurate description of the property you wish to purchase. The sales deed includes the total lot area, identification number, exact location and surrounding area. A property listing must be included in the deed of sale to define the exact location of the property.

5. Sales contract: The sales contract precedes the actual sales contract. This contract stipulates that the buyer and the seller must mutually agree on the terms and conditions of the contract so as not to affect the rights of both parties.

6. CONSIDERATION: The amount agreed upon by the buyer and the seller must be included in the terms of the sale consideration. This is the amount that the buyer is willing to pay the seller when executing the contract of sale. The purchase and sale amount should be clearly stated in the deed as agreed.

Example of deed of sale of land

To whom it may concern,

            I, [NAME OF OWNER OF RESIDENCE], am the owner of a residential property located at [ADDRESS]. I hereby undertake that my [RELATIONSHIP TO APPLICANT], [NAME OF APPLICANT], is currently taking up residence in the above-mentioned residential property as a Lessee, for and in consideration of a monthly rental fee. She is likewise responsible for the settlement of the household’s utility bills such as but not limited to electricity and water supply.