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Sample salary increase notice for employees

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What are incremental letters?

A salary increase letter is another name for an evaluation letter, which basically contains the content of the employer's salary increase for the employee.

Incremental letters are primarily provided quarterly at the beginning of the fiscal year or when targets are reached as per company policy. He receives this letter when the employee is performing well and meeting the goals on time.

If an employee receives a raise letter, they will get a raise, if an employee works in the organization and doesn't get a raise for a long time, they can write to their HR department asking for a raise, reflecting their needs and efforts, He has served him since his tenure with the Organization.

Sample Increment letter to employee pdf


Congratulations !

In recognition of your previous performance we are glad to inform you that the
company has decided to give you an increment of Rs /- and your
restructured salary shall be Rs -/ CTC per month will be
The complete detail of your revised salary is highlighted in Annexure "A" of this
We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation of your
contribution to the organization and hope that you will continue to strive for better
results. We hope you will shoulder your new responsibility with full dedication and

With best wishes,


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