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  1. The SETTLOR above named hereby establishes a Public Charitable Trust by the name of India International Islamic Finance Centre for the purpose and upon the conditions set forth hereunder

  1. The TRUSTEES named above shall be the first trustees and have given their consent to be appointed as the trustees and as token thereof, they have set their hands to this instrument.

  1. The SETTLOR hereby conveys, transfers and assigns to the TRUSTEES the above referred sum of Rs. ---- (Rupees -------------------- only) as corpus to the TRUST, the receipt of which, the TRUSTEES do hereby admit and acknowledge

  1. The SETTLOR of the Trust hereby conveys, transfers, assigns to the TRUSTEES  the assets ad properties mentioned in the Schedule hereunder, the possession of which the Trustees hereby admit and acknowledge, to have and to hold the same in trust as corpus of the Trust, to be used by the Trustees  to carry out and fulfill the objects of the Trust set forth herein, and the SETTLOR of the Trust hereby relinquishes for all time any claim to or interest in the said assets and properties or fund forming the subject matter of the Trust.

  1. The office of the Trust for the time being shall be at -----------------------------------, with the power given to the Trustees to shift the same to any other place as they may mutually agree upon.

The TRUSTEES do hereby agree that they shall hold and stand possessed of the said trust assets, properties and funds (which expression shall include all investments in cash or kind or in any nature whatsoever into and for which, the said property or a part or parts thereof may from time to time be converted, varied or exchanged) and/ or such investments as may be held by the TRUSTEES from time to time in relation to these presents together with all income, profits, additions and accretions thereof, upon trust for the object set out herein with and subjec