independent caregiver contract - Sample word template

Contract of Employment for Caregiver

Download this sample templte of independent caregiver contract or agreement in word doc format.

Extract of this caregiver agreement

This agreement made this____ day of ___________, _____), by and between Pilar La’O Ponce (hereafter referred to as “Employer”), and, Cecilia San Juan Gregorio, Caregiver (hereafter referred to as “Caregiver”). 

WHEREAS ; Purpose. The purpose of this agreement is to set forth the terms and conditions under which Caregiver will provide assistance with day to day living for Pilar La’O Ponce in his/her home in exchange for reasonable compensation. 

WHEREAS; Services to be performed by Caregiver. Caregiver shall furnish Pilar La’O Ponce  with the services and incidentals specified herein, provided that Cecilia San Juan Gregorio remains in her house and performs  her obligations under this contract. 

In consideration of the mutual promises contain herein, the parties intent to be legally bound, agree as follows: 

  1. Nutrition. 

    1. Balanced meals- Caregiver hereby agrees to prepare three (3) nutritionally balanced meals per day when such assistance is requested. One such meal shall be served in the morning, one at mid-day, and one in the evening.   

  1. Special Diet- Special diets will be provided only upon order of a licensed physician. 

  1. Additional Duties- Caregiver agrees to grocery shop for PILAR LA’ O PONCE  with nutritious meals in mind. Following the preparation of meals, Caregiver shall assist with feeding, if necessary, and cleaning the kitchen which included washing dishes. 

  1. Cleaning. Caregiver agrees to provide cleaning services on a weekly basis as follows: 

    1. General cleaning 

    2. Wash Laundry/ change sheets 

    3. Wash dishes 

    4. Empty waste containers 

    5. Sweep and mop all uncarpeted floor, stairs and hallways 

    6. Scrub floors 

    7. Disinfect all bathroom 

    8. Replace bathroom supplies 

    9. Maintain bedroom in a neat and orderly condition 

  1. Housekeeping. Cecilia San Juan Gregorio  shall maintain the home in a clean and