Project proposal title example in Computer Studies

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Before that here are some definitions and proposals.

What is a good title for a project proposal?

The title should be clear and unambiguous (not "cute"). Think of your headline as a mini abstract. A good title should give readers a quick overview of the key ideas of your project. The words you use in the title should clearly reflect the point of your proposal.

What are the 6 types of project proposals?

There are six different types of commercial project proposals:
Formal request.
Informal request.

How to Write a great Project Title for Your Project Proposal 

In short, the best headlines will: 

1) Get a general idea of ​​what the project is about 

2) Makes you curious about the project and encourages you to keep reading and get involved 

3) Not descriptive, but suggestive 

4) Capture people's attention through wordplay or references to movies, books, pop culture, etc. 

5) Keep it simple and clear (avoid overcomplicated headings) 

6) Unforgettable.