Vehicle sale letter word format + pdf

Looking for a vehicle sale letter template in both Word and PDF formats? 

This comprehensive template is designed to help you create a professional and legally binding sales agreement for your vehicle. With sections for describing the vehicle's make, model, and condition, as well as space to include important details like mileage, VIN, and the purchase price, this template covers all the essential information you need to include in your sale letter. Downloadable in both Word and PDF formats, this template is perfect for both private and commercial vehicle sales.

This document is a sale letter for a second-hand car, containing important information about the car being sold, the seller, and the buyer. The letter includes the name and CNIC number of the seller and buyer, as well as the model, horsepower, engine number, chassis number, and registration number of the car. The letter also confirms that the car is in running condition and that all necessary documents and equipment are included in the sale. The agreed-upon payment of Rs. _________________/- is mentioned, along with the method of payment, which is a cheque. The seller's signature and the purchaser's signature are also included at the bottom of the letter. Overall, this document serves as a legal agreement between the seller and buyer for the sale of the second-hand car.