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Looking for a reliable contract template for service agreements in Malaysia? 

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Extract of this document

The Service Provider shall provide to the Company the Services described in this Agreement and more particularly set out in the First Schedule and the Work Orders (as hereinafter defined) in accordance with the timescales specified therein (“Timescales”). The Parties shall use a work order document (“Work Order”) which when executed shall form part of this Agreement. Such Work Orders shall set out the scope of works to be provided, the fees payable for such works and any other matters as mutually agreed by the Parties. In the event of inconsistencies between the First Schedule and the Work Orders, the First Schedule shall prevail.

The Services shall be performed by the Service Provider with the standard of care, skill and diligence normally provided by a first class professional in the performance of such Services. 

The Services may be varied only if the Service Provider shall be so authorised in writing by an authorised representative of the Company. 

The Service Provider shall perform the Services at the location(s) specified in the First Schedule, the Work Orders or such other locations as mutually agreed (“Location(s)”). 

Where the Location(s) stipulated is the Company’s premise(s) (including premise of any member of the Company group of companies), the Service Provider shall, at all times, act and perform the duties professionally and in line with the Company’s working practices and shall adhere to any security procedures in force at the Location(s) as notified to the Service Provider from time to time. 

No part of this Agreement shall construe or constitute, or be deemed to construe or constitute an exclusive agreement between the Parties. The Company shall not be obligated to purchase services that are similar (or otherwise) from the Service Provider and/or not to engage another supplier. Accordingly, the Company shall be entitled to purchase services that are similar (or otherwise) from suppliers other than the Service Provider and/or engage another supplier.

Looking for a reliable contract template for service agreements in Malaysia?