Security Management Service Agreement - Sample template

The Security Management Service Agreement is a contract between the First Party and the Consultant for consultancy services in the Philippines.

Parties Involved:

- The First Party: Engages the Consultant for technical and confidential matters.
- The Consultant: Provides services to the First Party as per the agreement.

Terms and Conditions:

1. **Term:** The contract is for one year, with the First Party having the option to terminate with a five-day notice.
2. **Compensation:** The Consultant receives a monthly professional fee, subject to submission of monthly reports.
3. **Place of Service:** Consultant works under the direct supervision of the First Party.
4. **Duties:** Consultant is responsible for specific tasks and any additional assignments from the First Party.

Employee-Employer Relationship:

- The agreement clarifies that it does not establish an employee-employer relationship between the parties.
- Consultant holds the First Party harmless from any liability under labor laws.

Confidentiality and Non-Compete Clause:

- Consultant handles highly technical and confidential matters for the First Party.
- Consultant is restricted from assisting or participating in any actions against the First Party for one year post-contract termination.


- The document is acknowledged in the Philippines, ensuring the voluntary agreement of the parties involved.


The Security Management Service Agreement outlines the terms, duties, and compensation for the Consultant providing services to the First Party, emphasizing confidentiality and non-compete obligations.