UMID Card PIN: How to Get and Activate It (2024 Guide)

What Is UMID Card PIN Code?

What Is UMID Card PIN Code?

The UMID Card PIN code refers to the Personal Identification Number associated with the UMID Card (Unified Multi-Purpose Identification Card). The UMID Card is an identification card issued by the government of the Philippines. It serves as a single multipurpose card that combines various identification functions, including Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund.

The PIN code is a numerical password that is assigned to each UMID cardholder. It is used as a security measure to authenticate the cardholder's identity when accessing or conducting transactions related to the services linked to the UMID card, such as checking contributions, applying for benefits, or accessing personal information.

The UMID Card PIN code is confidential and should be kept secure. It is important to remember the PIN and not share it with anyone to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and potential misuse of the card. If a cardholder forgets their PIN code or encounters any issues related to it, they should contact the appropriate government agency or institution responsible for UMID card services for assistance.

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UMID Card PIN: How to Get and Activate It (2024 Guide)
Source : SSS website

Who Can Apply for UMID Card?

Here's who can apply for a UMID card in the Philippines:

  • Filipino Citizens: The UMID card is intended for Filipino citizens.
  • Members of SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, or Pag-IBIG: The primary purpose of the UMID card is to consolidate various government identification functions. To be eligible for a UMID card, you must be a member of at least one of these government social security programs:
    • SSS (Social Security System)
    • GSIS (Government Service Insurance System)
    • PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation)
    • Pag-IBIG Fund (Home Development Mutual Fund)

Additional Considerations:

  • No Existing UMID Card: If you haven't applied for a UMID card before, you are eligible to apply.
  • Age Requirement: There's no specific age restriction for applying for a UMID card. However, membership in SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, or Pag-IBIG might have minimum age requirements.

Here's a quick summary:

Eligible: Filipino citizen who is a member of at least one of the following: SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG (and doesn't already have a UMID card)

Not Eligible:

  • Non-Filipino citizen
  • Filipino citizen who is not a member of any of the mentioned programs
  • Someone who already has a UMID card

Activate your UMID Card PIN

To get and activate your UMID Card PIN in the Philippines, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Visit the nearest SSS branch with an available SSS self-service express terminal (SSS-ExT).
2. Tap the homescreen of the SSS kiosk to get started.
3. Select the "UMID Card" option.
4. Insert your UMID card into the smart card reader provided.
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to nominate a 6-digit PIN code and activate your UMID card.
6. Make sure to save a copy or take a screenshot of your PIN code to ensure you won't forget it.
7. Once your UMID card is activated, you can now select the type of transaction or inquiry you want to complete. Before proceeding, you will be asked to choose between PIN or fingerprint as your preferred method of identity verification. Select PIN and enter the PIN code you created earlier.
8. You can now make inquiries or complete transactions using your UMID card.

It's important to note that the PIN code for your UMID card is not printed on the card itself. You have to create or nominate your own PIN code upon activation of your UMID card through the SSS kiosk.

Retrieve Your UMID Card PIN Code: Step-by-Step Guide and Assistance

To create an online account with SSS (the Social Security System) in the Philippines, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Obtain a UMID Card: Apply for and receive your UMID Card from the SSS or any designated government agency. The UMID Card serves as your primary identification for accessing SSS services online.

2. Activate UMID Card at an SSS-ExT Terminal: Locate the nearest SSS branch that has a Self-Service Express Terminal (SSS-ExT). These terminals are specifically designed for UMID Card activation. Visit the branch in person and follow the instructions on the terminal screen to activate your UMID Card.

3. Provide Required Information: Once your UMID Card is activated, you can proceed to create an online account. Visit the SSS website (www.sss.gov.ph) and click on the "Not yet registered in My.SSS?" link on the login page.

4. Fill Out the Online Registration Form: You will be directed to an online registration form. Provide the required information, including your SSS number, UMID Card details, personal information, contact details, and email address. Ensure that the information you provide matches the details on your UMID Card.

5. Complete the Registration Process: After filling out the registration form, review the information for accuracy and submit the form. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that your registration has been successful.

6. Activate Your Online Account: Check your email for a verification link from SSS. Click on the link to activate your online account. Follow the instructions provided to set up your username, password, and security questions.

7. Log in to your Online Account: Once your account is activated, return to the SSS website and log in using your newly created username and password. You can now access various SSS online services, such as checking contributions, applying for benefits, and updating personal information.

If you encounter any issues during the registration process or need further assistance, you can contact the SSS through their official customer service channels or visit the nearest SSS branch for support.

Where Can I Find the Location of the UMID Card PIN Code?

The UMID Card PIN code is not physically located on the UMID Card itself. It is a confidential personal identification number that is assigned to each UMID cardholder. The PIN code is used as a security measure to authenticate the cardholder's identity when accessing or conducting transactions related to the services linked to the UMID card.

Upon receiving your UMID Card, you will need to activate it at an SSS branch using a Self-Service Express Terminal (SSS-ExT). During the activation process, you will be prompted to set a PIN code for your UMID Card. This PIN code is chosen and set by you, and it is not printed or physically displayed on the card.

It is important to keep your UMID Card PIN code secure and confidential. Memorize your PIN code and do not share it with anyone to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and potential misuse of your UMID Card.

Access to self-service functions

that statement is mostly accurate. SSS kiosks allow members and pensioners to access various self-service functions:

For SSS Members:

  • Inquire about contributions and loan records: This allows you to view your total contributions, loan history, and remaining loan balance.
  • Verify the status of benefit/loan application: You can check the current processing stage of your SSS benefit (e.g., sickness, maternity) or loan application.
  • Submit Maternity Notification: This functionality might be specific to some kiosk models, but it allows expecting mothers to electronically inform SSS about their pregnancy.

For SSS Retiree-Pensioners:

  • Inquire about pension claims and payment: You can view details about your monthly pension amount, payment schedule, and disbursement history.
  • Update address/contact information: The kiosk allows updating your contact details to ensure SSS can reach you efficiently.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Not all functionalities might be available on all kiosk models.
  • Some functionalities might require your Social Security (SS) number or Unified Multi-purpose Identification (UMID) card for verification.
  • The SSS website also offers some of these functionalities online, so using the kiosk is an alternative option.

Overall, the statement accurately describes the core functionalities of SSS kiosks for members and pensioners. It's a convenient way to access information and manage your SSS records without needing to visit a branch in person.