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“S ** t gone DAHN”: Pat McAfee amazed as things go wrong between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 OscarsPat McAfee is one of the fastest growing names in professional wrestling. He started his career as a placekicker and was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2009 NFL Draft. But since then, McAfee has spread his wings to multiple sectors. Besides being a former football bettor, he is also a podcaster, sports analyst, commentator and more recently, a professional wrestler. Currently signed as a color commentator for WWE Smackdown, McAfee is gearing up for his big main roster debut. He will be in action at Wrestlemania 38, against Austin Theory. Fans as well as society love McAfee - who isn't like traditional WWE commentators. He has his own unique, unfiltered take on everything and nothing. Earlier today, the world was hooked on the 2022 Oscars. Although the night didn't pass without incident, until Chris Rock arrived to present the Best Documentary award. He had also prepared a short comedy routine – in which he made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith's hair. The joke didn't go down very well with the eventual Best Actor Oscar winner - Will Smith. He walked up to Rock and punched him hard in the face and yelled "Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth." Rock handled the situation pretty well and moved on with the proceedings. Clearly, Pat McAfee was as shocked as the whole world. He posted a snippet of the incident with the tweet – “Hey… shit went DAHN to the Oscars” . It didn't really feel like a scripted moment, as legendary actor Denzel Washington was then seen consoling Smith. Pat McAfee will be in action at Wrestlemania 38 pat mcafee McAfee and the theory As soon as Will Smith punched Chris Rock, memes started pouring in for a Wrestlemania match between Smith and Rock. Many even went so far as to hilariously speculate that this segment was WWE Chairman Vince Mc Mahon 's brainchild . Although these are just jokes, one man who will be in action at Wrestlemania is Pat McAfee. The Smackdown commentator recently hosted Vince McMahon on The Pat McAfee show. While McMahon's appearance on the show itself was huge for McAfee, the WWE CEO topped it. He offered McAfee the opportunity to perform at the Showcase of Immortals. It was later revealed that he will face Austin Theory in his first main event match.

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