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Welcome to our family! The following contract is to make sure we are all on the same page about vacation days, taxes, payments and schedules. The attached "Nanny Rules" and "Daily Schedule" are a little more about how our family works and how we are hoping to raise our child/children, written down so it can be clear. While the below contract is very black and white, the addendum will be an agile document and we know things will change as our child/ children grow and develop along the way. We hope we can re-write this with you through the years.

Employee will complete Form I-9 (available at www.uscis.gov/forms) and provide the required documentation verifying employment eligibility within three days of hiring. Employer will withhold the required Social Security and Medicare taxes from the employee's pay, along with income taxes per the employee's instructions on Form W-4 and all other applicable state taxes. All tax withholdings will be remitted to the state and federal tax agencies on or before the household employment tax deadlines. In addition, employer will match the employee's Social Security and Medicare contributions and make contributions to the state and federal unemployment insurance funds on behalf of the employee.

Nanny contract sample word doc