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Letter of employment contract sample

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Extract of letter of employment contract template

You are hereby assigned under the supervision of the Area Manager, who shall discuss with you details of your responsibilities as well as the performance standards required in your assignment.

The following are the conditions of your employment with the Company;

1.   You are required to comply with all existing rules, regulations and policies of the Company as well as those which may hereafter be issued, including but not limited to those governing order and discipline, dishonesty, safety and security, working hours, break and rest periods, work assignments and standard operating procedures, uniform, use of Company properties and access to matters of confidentiality, and such other deemed necessary in the conduct of our business.


You must, therefore, refer to Yamang Bukid’s Code of Discipline attached herewith as Annex “A. In addition, you are required to attend an orientation with the Human Resources Department on or before the effective date of this Employment Contract to ensure that you are fully aware of the rules and regulations set forth in the said Code of Conduct.


2.      You shall render no less than eight (8) hours of work per day, six (6) working days a week on the shift assigned by the Company.


3.      You likewise agree to render overtime/extra work on any day in case there are urgent need including rest days and holidays.


4.      Except for your compensation above stipulated and the minimum labor standards as may be provided for by law, any and all privileges and fringe benefits granted to our regular employees are not deemed part of the terms and conditions of your employment until you have rendered one year of continues service effective on the date you reported for work.

Letter of employment contract sample