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Download two examples of roofing contracts templates in pdf format.

Extract :
In an effort to expedite your re-roofing project, you are hereby agreeing that you have selected Divine Roofing, Inc. (DRI) as your roofing contractor to perform a complete roof replacement. Please understand that THIS FORM IS NOT THE FINAL CONTRACT. Once you have received your insurance adjusters estimate, please forward that estimate to us. After review we will send a formal contract for the Replacement Cost Value (RCV)of the roof portions of your claim. If we will be performing work in addition to the roof, those items will also be addressed on the final contract. You further understand that DRI may incur certain expenses during the project planning and scheduling stage and you may be liable for those expenses should you cancel the agreement or fail to sign the formal contract. Please note that under this agreement you will be responsible for paying us the full amount of the RCV for each item or items we will be repairing or replacing. Under normal circumstances your out of pocket expenses will not exceed your insurance deductible unless you choose product upgrades. We will not attempt to collect funds for any services listed on the adjusters report for which we are performing no service.

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