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Roofing contract template

Download this example of roofing contract template in excel and word format.

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1)       Warranty: Contractor warrants to Owner that it applied the roofing materials to the above-described roof in accordance with (a) the written specifications of Roofing Materials Manufacturer and (b) good roofing industry practices, in effect on        , the date application commenced.  Subject to the following terms, conditions and limitations, Contractor will, during the term of this Warranty, at its expense, repair or cause to be repaired leaks in said roof which are the result of defects in Contractor's workmanship.  Upon expiration of the term of this Warranty, without notice from Owner of some defect, Contractor shall have no further obligation to make repairs at Contractor's expense under any provision of this Warranty and Owner shall not make any further demand or claim against Contractor concerning Contractor's workmanship, or the roofing materials installed, provided that Contractor promptly commences and diligently proceeds with the correction and repair of all such defects covered by this Warranty which are called to Contractor's attention in the manner set forth in paragraph 8 below during the term of this Warranty by Owner.

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