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Sample Slate Roofing Installation Contract

Example of blank roofing contract template in doc format for free download.

Extract :
A.            Contractor will furnish all permits, labor, materials, equipment, apparatus, tools, transportation and services necessary for, and incidental to, the proper installation and completion of a slate roof on the project named above. This work will include removing and disposing of existing roofing; installing underlayment; installing new flashings as specified below; and installing new roofing slate to cover the entire roof area as indicated in the attached Roof Plan Sketch, to leave a very long term, damage resistant, weatherproof roof.
1.     Approximate number of squares of slate to be installed is:

2.     Areas where flashing is to be replaced (list all pertinent areas such as chimneys, valleys, ridges, plumbing vents, step-flashings, dormer aprons or top-flashings, etc. Add additional lines, or attach additional sheets, as needed): .....

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